Sunday, 25 December 2011

Exhibition, Edwina Corlette Gallery

                                                                                  Marilyn Monroe on TV, 2011, 40x40cm each, oil on linen

Hollywood films and their stars have became a target for the public to imitate their way of life and as a consequence people have sunk into the American culture and American's rules. The trend of modern consumption is heading the way it is today is because of the way we are educated. Newspaper, television and internet play an important role in the cycle of production and consumption. The sweet, attractive face of Marilyn Monroe reveals the other face of humanity, that is, lust and debauchery. Monroe has died in her most glorious part of her life. Unknown misery and reluctance is hidden behind the beautiful television screen figure. Monroe is merely a flaunt, conceit and luxury pop model that everyone pursues in pop culture. Yet, she is apocryphal, a victim of the upper class rivalry.

 © Du Chonggang 2011

Friday, 7 October 2011

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