Thursday, 28 May 2009

Video - Stamp (extract)

Stamp (extract)
Video (6'49'')


I have used a projector to project images from different epochs and images and text from the media onto a human face.  The constantly changing images illustrate the change of epochs and the conflict of concepts, and the media and public opinion on people of influence and change.  The face is the window to show oneself, and is the carrier of reason and emotion.  Expression is the heart’s emotional display; therefore the face can be seen as the screen of soul.  Society and culture alter people’s pattern of conduct, which is rational, constrained, and instinctual. 

People’s facial expressions can deliver their change of emotion, and can also represent social positioning, such as, level of civilisation, accomplishment, period, feel etc.  Religion, faith, occupation, national properties, devoutness and slyness, happiness and tribulation, can all be revealed by the face.  A person can be left with a stamp deeply embedded in his or her heart because of background and experience, and these brands may affect a life forever. The faces of Jewish survivors from the Nazi Concentration Camps have been stamped with their experiences of inhuman treatment, yet; by contrast, the smiling and deceitful faces of Hitler and other Fascist leaders show incredible arrogance and evil.

The importance of facial decoration in human activities dates back to ancient times.  Primitive people decorated their faces and bodies in order to symbolise their faith and shared beliefs.  Decoration of the face a body can significantly alter one’s figure.  As nature changes society, different cultural background form different bodies.

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