Monday, 1 November 2010

2010 Fletcher Jones art prize, Geelong Gallery

Pose 2010 oil on linen 91.5 x 122.0 (each, diptych) selected in finalist 2010 Fletcher Jones art prize, Geelong Gallery

The painting is divided in to two parts, left and right. The left part is composed of a pair of forbidden shoes and a post card resting on an opened book. In the post card there is a 20th century Chinese girl with forbidden feet leaning on a classical bed, who reads and have immersed herself into imagination.

The painting on the right juxtaposes two books which depict two portraits in different eras, which illustrates different styles of painting in 19th and 20th century, aesthetics of different eras and the development of civilisation.

The portraits of Eastern and Western in different era and style placed together to form a strong contrast, which describes the change in people’s aesthetic ideology and culture differences. The pose of the model shows the trend and concept of that era.

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